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    Wiltshire Drone Company

    Longreach-L.A.V. (Live Action Video) is a Wiltshire based drone company that specialises in aerial still and video image capture. Through the use of the emerging technology of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, the applications for this new and exciting technology are only bounded by your imagination. We deliver the best product available to you, our customer, following a legal, fully insured and regulated process as required by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

    Please contact us if you have a specific requirement and we look forward to discussing the art of the possible with you soon.

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    Wiltshire Drone Company

    Longreach-L.A.V. (Live Action Video) offers a cost effective solution to provide you with HD or 4K still and video footage using small unmanned aerial vehicles (often called drones).


    The footage obtained can be used for a multitude of purposes, including

    • film and television productions

    • on-event aerial coverage

    • building or structure inspections

    • production of 2D or 3D mapping and imagery

    • enhancement of your website by publishing unique airborne images

    • creating an aerial perspective of your property for your estate agent

    • golf course fly-through guides

    • adding truly amazing images to your wedding album

    • dynamic motorsport coverage

    In fact, the applications for this technology are only bounded by your imagination.

    Longreach-L.A.V. is based near Salisbury, Wiltshire, and is regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for all of its flying activity, holding a valid Permit for Commercial Operations (PfCO). We are fully insured for both civilian and military operating environments, and we risk assess appropriately prior to every flight, placing further risk mitigations in place if required. We act in accordance with our robust Safety Management System which is the backbone of our operations and we are immensely proud of our safety culture and ethos. Being on the UK Drone Safe Register adds a further, independent assurance check of our credentials. Our pilot is an ex-military fast jet operator with decades of flying experience who has worked in some of the world's most dynamic aviation environments, and he brings that experience to Longreach-L.A.V. to further enhance what we do.

    We look forward to working with you soon.

    UK CAA OA UAS 3434

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      Longreach-LAV     07966 140081


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